Friday, May 12, 2006

Fat Load of Crap Update

This is in reference to a previous post

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Todays Fat Load of Crap: Hilton Screws Over Disabled Vets

From the Mudville Gazette

Jim Mayer Speaks

... on CNN.

Jim Mayer, the Vietnam veteran and friend of Fran O'Brien's co-owner Hal Koster who encouraged Hal to begin the free dinners for wounded troops was on CNN Last Night.


It doesn't shed a very good light on the Hilton.

Andi reports:

While the email campaign didn't save the restaurant, it did let them know veterans and troops care a lot about this issue. The top three executives had to shut down their email addresses ... I'm sure costing their IT department some bucks and unnecessary headaches. Plus, a PR firm had to [be] involved. They don't seem too successful in squashing the negative press.

It's really nice when you can use your blog as a way to do something good and help those who deserve to be helped. I don't think milbloggers are finished with this story. We still need to help Hal and Marty get on their feet. I should learn more tomorrow night about how we can do that [after attending the Fran's Friday Dinner hosted in another DC hotel]. Thanks to everyone for all you've done already.

Operation Remind Hilton

Just over a week ago, Fran O'Brien's was forced to move their belongings out of the Capital Hilton. The Hilton still "doesn't get it." Their tin ear is becoming thicker by the day.
Meanwhile, TV and print reporters continue to be interested in this story. Today alone, there were four inquiries. Fran's may be out, but this story isn't going away, especially when the troops who were affected by this "business decision" continue to speak out.

The boycott of Hilton is really starting to grow .

It'll be a cold day in hell before I darken a Hilton's door.