Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day Care Shooting

I'm not a big believer in federal laws for handgun control as criminals tend to disregard them.
However I am a believer in gun regulation on a state level and here's why...

State's could require IQ tests (never going to happen), gun safety aptitude tests, and proof of purchase of a trigger lock before allowing a person to own a gun. Does any state require any of those? No. They do require aptitude tests for concealed carry permits though. I think making it mandatory to buy a trigger lock in order to buy a gun has significant merit.

And here's a novel law I read about a few years ago. A city (I forget which one) outlawed the ownership and sale all handguns under .38 caliber. What does that boil down to? You can own and sell handguns, you you just can't own or sell cheap little handguns (note: Most Derringers are .45 caliber). That law was never even challenged by the NRA.

Rather than turning schools and day cares into fortresses lets start where the problem really lies a few bad gun dealers and alot of stupid people.