Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Comment on Previous Post

I mentioned in my previous post that I am not normally prone to anger (I mean the last time I was angry was in Feb of 2001). And what has surprised me since I, for the first time ever, opted to vent my anger in a public forum received zero disagreement despite posting it at Donklephant and my post here having been mentioned at Sideways Mencken.

Unlike Mr. Olbermann I don't blame the lack of progress at ground zero on W. But we have had a general lack on the part of our elected leaders to deliver on the promises they gave us shortly after 9/11. For that we should all be angry. It is in part our fault for allowing our leaders to exploit 9/11 for political means, for permitting them and the media to paint the event in partisan terms, and for allowing our leaders to fail to keep the promises they made without consequence.

Those that died on 9/11 deserve better than that. Until we the people begin holding our leaders accountable for their failures and choose to demand they honor their promises and the memory of the victims of that day nothing will change. Until we choose to actually be The United States of America rather than red states and blue states nothing will change. There will be no meaningful victory and no tanglible memorial to the fallen.

Is this what now passes for remembering the honored dead?