Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Enemy of My Israel?

Arab League extends 'hand of peace' to Israel

JERUSALEM (AP) — Arab League envoys paid a historic visit to Israel on Wednesday to present a plan for a regional settlement, saying they were extending "a hand of peace" on behalf of the Arab world.
The one-day visit by the foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan marked the first time the 22-member group has sent representatives to Israel. The Arab League peace plan envisions full recognition of Israel in return for Israeli withdrawal from lands captured in the 1967 Middle East War. full article

Simply put Iran and its proxies have overplayed their hand. By showing that they are willing to train, arm, and finance terrorists/militias within their neighbors borders they have proven themselves to be the greater evil. (Plus there is that whole nuculer weapon thingy.)

Additionally since America has essentially turned a Sunni controlled sectarian state into a Shiite controlled semi-religious state the balance of power in the region has been broken and the only country capable of filling the void is you guessed it....Israel. If this meeting leads to formal relations it will mean that the U.S. accidentally brought peace to the Middle East by invading Iraq. How's that for irony?