Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 Year 6: A Plan of Action

Last year I posted 9/11 Reflections and Rage and here it is a year later and ya know hat? I'm still pissed for roughly the same reasons. However I know that not much is going to change until we have a new POTUS. Its sucks, but that's what its going to take. However, the Senate and the Congress have changed hands and one thing I mentioned last year hasn't changed. The 9/11 memorial at the WTC site still hasn't been built.

So this year rather than go on a great big rant and/or analysis on the failings of various elected representatives I propose this; We, meaning you and I and few of your friends and some of their friends etc etc etc, light a fire under the asses of our elected representatives to get it built. All we have to do is is pester our political "leaders" endlessly by sending them a short simple message endlessly.

You can find their email addresses here.


Dear Congresscritter (fill in name),

It's been six years since 9/11 and we still haven't managed to build a monument to those whose lives were taken on that day. I respectfully request that you do whatever you can to expedite the building of the World Trade Center Memorial. Thank you for your time and attention.


Your name
Your address

Then drop a line to a few of your friends encouraging them to do the same and email a few of their friends.

If we as a country can't gather the collective will to permanently honor those that died six years ago today then this country is truly in sorry shape. Maybe it's just the optimist in me but somehow I am certain that we have what it takes to at least come together and get this much done.

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