Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doctor Death Goes to Washington?

This sure as heck beats blogging about a lawyer/governor getting busted for hiring hookers.

Looks like Jack Kevorkian is going to run for congress....

From CNN:

Jack Kevorkian, the assisted suicide advocate currently on parole from prison, is planning a run for Congress, a Detroit newspaper reported Wednesday.

According to the Oakland Press, Kevorkian is planning to mount an independent bid in Michigan's 9th District seat currently occupied by Republican Joe Knollenberg.

"We need some honesty and sincerity instead of corrupt government in Washington," Kevorkian told the paper. He also said his plans are in the "formative stage" and he would make a formal announcement next week.
The one-time pathologist needs to gather 3,000 signatures in order to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate.

It may be a publicity stunt. But I'll see if I can't drum up an email interview with the good Doctor once his campaign launches and get the low down.