Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain's Post Convention Bounce

Is pretty impressive...

From RCP:

PollDateSampleMcCain (R)Obama (D)Spread
RCP Average09/05 - 09/07--48.645.4McCain +3.2
CNN09/05 - 09/07942 RV4848Tie
USA Today/Gallup09/05 - 09/07823 LV5444McCain +10
Rasmussen Tracking09/05 - 09/073000 LV4847McCain +1
Hotline/FD Tracking09/05 - 09/07924 RV4444Tie
Gallup Tracking09/05 - 09/072733 RV4944McCain +5

Look like its going to be an extremely close race since all polls save USA Today are within or close to the margin of error. Although I for one am curious as to how much of his recent gains are a post convention bounce and how are due to Palin.