Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This blog will self destruct in 5 seconds...

I could be talking about the Cheney shooting and have a spiffy title like "Dead Eye D1ck Rides Again!" but frankly that's too easy and relatively unimportant in the overall scheme of things.

The wiretapping inquiry has begun and I for one am very curious as to what is going to happen. Why, because this is the first time since 9/11 that anyone that mattered has challenged the abuse of surveillance that's been going on for years. And until recently the only place one could read about it was in the indie media. The funny thing is that the administration may actually be in the right this time (no pun intended) However there have been enough abuses in the past that W is going to be taken to task for this decision.

If you'll check out this link you'll find out that once again govt has been spying on the Quakers.
They've also been spying on college peace activists and gays. Question: At what point in time have the Quakers ever been a threat? They've protested every war America has ever been in. Our Oatmeal loving Bretheren are the Brotherhood of Peace after. Have the Quakers EVER blown up anything or assassinated anyone? Nope. It was a waste of public time, money, and effort. I mean we could have been surveilling someone really dangerous like Michael Jackson.

If you look at the list of groups spied on and couple that with those groups that have complained about Patriot Act abuses what it really shows is an "If you not with us your against us." mentality in this administration. And that's scary. Because Americans aren't required to support anything ever.

The last thing America needs is for any administration of any political affiliation to have that sort of attitude. Its highly counter productive. Think about it. Every 4 to 8 years the NRA or ACLU would infiltrated depending on which party is in power. Where's the sense in that? The "war on terror" shouldn't be reduced to an excuse to spy on your political opponents supporters.

So should the President be taken to task for wiretapping? Yes. A message needs to be sent to both political parties and all future presidents. We aren't taking that kind of crap. We aren't quite that complacent.