Sunday, August 13, 2006

Isreal/Hezbollah Cease Fire Begins

Israel Accepts U.N. Deal

Both Sides Warn Of More Fighting

By Molly Moore and Edward Cody

Washington Post Foreign Service

Jerusalem, Aug. 13 -- The Israeli cabinet voted Sunday to accept a U.N.-declared cease-fire, even as Israeli military forces and Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon launched some of their most intense barrages of the war in anticipation of the Monday morning deadline. The Lebanese government and Hezbollah agreed to the cease-fire Saturday.

Prospects for an immediate halt in the fighting appeared unlikely as Hezbollah's leader said his militia would keep fighting Israeli troops as long as they remained in southern Lebanon, and Israeli officials insisted they would not withdraw their soldiers until an international force and the Lebanese army took control of the border area. It is expected to take at least two or three weeks to assemble an international military force in Lebanon. more

If I had any less confidence in the effectiveness of this ceasefire I'd start a pool on how many hours it will take for it to be violated.