Sunday, August 06, 2006

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Ok, I know that this greatly deviates from the normal content of this blog however having said that allow me to explain:

There is a really annoying trend of shows that I like getting cancelled early. The last show that really kept my interest was Firefly which lasted for a whole season. Having realized that blogland is often used to gauge public opinion I am posting about in the hopes that doing so will help insure that there will be a second season. I do not normally watch reality shows. Having said that allow me to explain why I bother watching this one:

  1. The rules are the opposite of most reality shows meaning that speaking ill of, making fun of, or plotting agaist other players will get you kicked off the show.
  2. Missions are not always what they appear to be for example the stated first mission in episode was to change from ones civies into their costume without being seen and race to a predetermined point. The actual mission was to change into your costume and help a little girl who had "lost her mom" who was on the path to the predertermined point. 3/4 of the players ignored her.
  3. The point of the show is to test who has the charachter and virutes needed to be a superhero.
  4. Comic Book Legend Stan Lee is the host and judge of the players.
  5. Very few on the show themselves very seriously. Hence it tends to be funny in a campy way.
  6. Its the only reality show I've ever considered actually being on. (Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who has stopped at every car accident that an ambulance wasn't at that he ran across, ran up the stairs at a hotel when the fire alarm went off, pulled over repeatedy to change ladies flat tires, and has rescued more stray cats and dogs than he would care to admit.)
So if this sounds at all interesting to you please check your local listings and tune in on the SciFi network, Bravo, or USA.