Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bloomberg Won't Run

From Reuters:

Bloomberg says won't run for president

By Daniel Trotta

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he cannot win the U.S. presidency and won't run, the strongest statement to date about his intentions for the 2008 presidential race.

Bloomberg previously had said he had no plans to run, which failed to quiet speculation that he was planning an independent bid for the White House.

In an interview with Dan Rather of HDNet television to be aired on Tuesday, Bloomberg was asked if he was running and if he was going to run for president. He answered "no" to both questions.

He refused to categorically rule out any future run, then added: "The answer is 'no.' ... If somebody asks me where I stand, I tell them. And that's not a way to get elected generally. Nobody's going to elect me president of the United States." more

I was hoping he'd run as I believe he would have really shaken up the establishment regardless of if he won or not. However with him out of the way Ron Paul is now free and clear to run as an independent once the GOP passes him over as the nominee.

h/t to Memeorandum