Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now Presenting..

Many moons ago Dennis Miller said,"There's only one reason to beat a dead horse. Because its fun." and in the spirit of that I'd like to present...

The Roundup of Rove Roundups
(dedicated to Pete Abel)

Over at Barbarian Blog MrGumby2U asks, "Might the Republicans finally have gone too far? Will the American people at long last recognize that the Republicans have no sense of decency?" prior to beginning his roundup.

Psst... The answers are probably and no. (Unless your taking about the GOP leadership in which case you may have a point. But I'd say the same if you asked about the Dems too.)

Pajamas Media has a roundup so large they actually had to get dressed in order to assemble it.

The Moderate Voice has a round up that should be part of any well balanced blog diet.

Buck Naked Politics wraps it up with its own roundup that includes many blogs I've never heard of before like new comer Moderate Monkey (Great name!)