Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That Blasted Breakfast

If you're like me there are some things that are so odd that they have to be tried. In the spirit of that I present to you Batter Blasters....

I opened up the can and sprayed a generous amount into the pan. At medium heat they cook pretty quickly. They do however tend to stick if you don't use an oiled nonstick pan. Since I was using a traditional oiled pan I had to flip them with a spatula rather being able to flip them with a flick of the wrist. They looked like pan cakes. They smelled like pancakes. In fact they even tasted like pancakes. They were very fluffy. I actually like my pancakes a little more dense. As for taste? They were on the sweet side but I've had far worse pancakes than these. I give them a four on a five point scale. Take that Easy Cheese!

Are they worth the extra expense? If you have to cook breakfast for seven people and you overslept then definitely. Want pancakes on a camping trip? Go for it. Want to set up a bizarre breakfast themed booby trap? Nothing better. Otherwise probably not.

**Safety Warning**
Do not, under any circumstances, place a can directly into a fire hoping to instantly create a 112" diameter pancake. Its very messy and the shrapnel is rather painful.