Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sudan: No U.N. Troops Will Be Allowed In Darfur

From the NY Times:

Leader Won't Allow U.N. Force in Darfur

Published: June 21, 2006

President Omar Hassan al-Bashir voiced strong opposition to the deployment of Western troops in Darfur, vowing his country would not be "recolonized," the state news media reported. "I swear that there will not be any international military intervention in Darfur as long as I am in power," Mr. Bashir was quoted as telling a meeting of his party. "Sudan, which was the first country south of the Sahara to gain independence, cannot now be the first country to be recolonized." The United Nations wants to replace an under-equipped contingent of African troops in Darfur with its own peacekeepers. Article

What a fat load of crap.

To stay current on the crisis in Darfur please visit Sudan Watch (which is updated several times a day)