Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Mountains and Molehills

I recall seeing posts about a fake memo earlier this week but frankly the issue at hand was so unimportant to me that I skimmed over it and went on with blogging about really important things like the war against Spam. Little did I know that certain large blogs completely blew it out of proportion launched vicious four letter word laden attacks on
former Green Berets for refusing to take down the relatively harmless memo only to find out said memo was real. (You can read the whole story here.)

At the tail end of that article is the part I find interesting because I recently discovered it to be true when I caught Red State lying and numerous blogs reporting that lie as truth. In the end I found statement below to completely accurate.

"right-wing bloggers continuously hurl accusations like this and then, when proven wrong, simply move on to the next accusatory orgy without any real acknowledgment of wrongdoing or apology."

Whats sad is that some of those blogs have actually broken real news stories in the past. I mean one of the beauties of blogland is that it keeps the MSM on its toes and lately some blogs are just really screwing the pooch in that area.

I was taught that there were men and then there were Men. Meaning that men had exterior plumbing and Men did their best to do the right thing. Part of that meant that if you made a mistake, you owned up to it and then apologized. That should also be the difference between a blogger and a Blogger one has a blog and the other also has integrity.