Sunday, May 27, 2007

Please Chip In

Joe Gandelman founder of The Moderate Voice needs a little help from his friends. His Father is stricken with lung cancer and multiple types of pneumonia and this happened very shortly after he moved his blog to Wordpress Pro. (1200$ minimum). Joe makes a living entertaining/educating children for a living. In order to deal with this time of crisis he's had to cancel shows and buy plane tickets etc etc etc. TMV has been around for years and was voted the Best Centrist Blog of 2006 so it's not like I'm asking you to help out some schmuck like me.

So please drop by and hit his tip jar if you can. If you don't have any spare change then at least post a message on your blog asking your readers to help Joe out.

As for me, I've already put my money where my mouth is.

Note: I do not advise anyone to just go to TMV and click some ads. That would be wrong. Very wrong. Shame on you for even thinking that.