Friday, June 22, 2007

Fred Thompson Ready to Run?

WSMV-TV: Thompson Announcement Set For Nashville
Fred Thompson is set to announce that Nashville will be the home of his national campaign headquarters, WSMV is reporting.

A source close to the campaign planning tells WSMV that that Thompson planned to announce his candidacy on the steps of the historic Fall School Building Tuesday, but Thompson campaign officials deny that Tuesday's announcement is an official run for the White House.The source tells WSMV report says that the Thompson campaign has obtained the lease for that building to turn it into a national campaign office."Everything's in place for tuesday," the source told WSMV. "There are three major events built around his announcement." But Bob Davis, the Tennessee Republican Party Chairman, and Thompson's former Chief of Staff says "There will not be an annoucement Tuesday." more

This is the most concrete speculation to date folks. Frankly I'm hoping he won't run. I don't like him and I have no good reason why. What I do know is that anytime I've ever gone against that initial reaction and given the person any amount of trust I've come to regret it. I had the same reaction to W and he proved to be a far worse president than I could have ever imagined.

One thing is for certain, whoever I end up voting for in 08 it won't be Fred.