Thursday, June 21, 2007

Unity08 and Bloomberg: Perfect marriage?

From The Politico:

Few in the political world are more keenly interested in the ramifications of "Mike's Big Move" -- as New York's Daily News proclaimed Mayor Michael Bloomberg's decision to sever his ties with the Republican Party -- than former Carter White House official Gerald Rafshoon.

He and his partner, Hotline founder Doug Bailey, are the proud parents of Unity08, a group conceived to offer an alternative to next year's Democratic and GOP nominees by building a "coalition from the middle" through an online convention.

And Rafshoon told Politico that Unity08 has been holding secret conversations with three candidates interested in running for Unity08's nomination.


The party's platform has been focused on offering solutions to globalization, campaign finance reform, the national debt, energy independence and terrorism.

Bloomberg touched on some of those issues Wednesday when he told reporters at a New York news conference that "the big issues keep being pushed to the back. ... I'm going to speak out on those issues. By not being affiliated with a party, I think I will have a better opportunity to do that."

Ever coy, Bloomberg said he has the "greatest job in the world," but he also said of the race for the White House: "The more people that run for office, the better." full article

In my opinion they'd make a interesting combination. Particularly should there end up being a Bloomberg/Obama ticket turned out by Unity 08's online primary as each has what the other lacks in regards to experience and charisma. Plus Bloomberg also might get the Reform parties nomination (Remember them?) should he decide to run. It'd end up being the smartest thing they've done since not nominating Pat Buchanan for President in 2000.