Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ron Paul Excluded in Iowa

From Transworld News:

Monroe, Ga. 6/22/2007 7:46 PM GMT

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has been blocked from an upcoming political forum sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance because he is not a “credible’ Republican candidate. At least that’s what Ed Failor Jr., vice president of ITR commented when asked why Paul was left off the June 30 event.

Failor told the Des Moines Register “We invited credible Democratic and credible Republican candidates,” he went on to say “we had to draw the line somewhere.”

While Ron Paul doesn’t have a campaign office in Iowa the decision to leave him out of the event was called “weak” by Paul’s campaign chairman Kent Snyder. article

Considering that depending on what pundit one listens to no GOP candidate has a chance of winning therefore Ron Paul is just as inviable as any other candidate. Besides that is no way to treat an internet superstar.