Monday, April 21, 2008

Clinton Still Leading In Pennsylvania Polls?

Depending on who you listen to she got a six to seven point advantage over Obama ...or not


UTICA, New York—The final weekend before tomorrow's important primary election in Pennsylvania was good for New York's Hillary Clinton, as she made a definitive move toward victory over rival Illinois' Barack Obama, a fresh Newsmax/Zogby daily telephone tracking poll shows.

She gained two points over the past 24 hours as Obama lost one point, and she now leads 48% to 42%, the latest polling shows. Meanwhile, the undecideds dropped by two points. Her edge was three points yesterday but had wobbled within a tight margin. Clinton's advantage is still within the margin of error, but she is close to getting beyond it as Election Day looms.

PRINCETON, NJ -- The peeling away of national Democratic support for Barack Obama seen this past week may have run its course. After trailing Hillary Clinton by one percentage point in Saturday's Gallup Poll Daily tracking report, Obama now leads Clinton by two points, 47% to 45%.

If we assume that Zogby is right even if the margin for error goes in Clinton's favor its not going to gain her a enough delegates to drop Obama's lead below the triple digits. This is the last chance Clinton has to do that and I don't see it happening. That means that after this its all up to the super delegates and how that is going to turn out is anyone's guess at this point in time.