Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama Enters the Veepstakes

Looks like he's not going to let McCain get ahead of him in the Veep hunt...

From the AP:

Obama has asked former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson to begin vetting potential vice presidential picks, Democratic officials said Thursday. Johnson did the same job for Democratic nominees John Kerry in 2004 and Walter Mondale in 1984.

Obama refused to acknowledge Johnson's role when The Associated Press asked the Illinois senator about it in the Captiol Thursday.

"I haven't hired him. He's not on retainer. I'm not paying him any money. He is a friend of mine. I know him," Obama said. "I am not commenting on vice presidential matters because I have not won this nomination."

The Democratic officials spoke on a condition of anonymity about a process that the campaign wants to keep quiet.

Vice presidential searches are usually closely held secrets, but Obama campaign officials say the effort is being handled by a particularly tight circle of advisers.

Additionally Obama spoke about building a Lincolnesque "Team of Rivals" in Louisiana today.
I can tell you this. My goal is to have the best possible government. And that means me winning. So, I'm very practical in my thinking. I'm a practical guy. One of my heroes is Abraham Lincoln. Awhile back, there was a wonderful book written by Doris Kearns Goodwin called 'Team of Rivals,' in which she talked about how Lincoln basically pulled all the people he'd been running against into his Cabinet. Because whatever personal feelings there were, the issue was, 'How can we get the country through this time of crisis?' I think that has to be the approach one takes to the vice president and the Cabinet.
That makes a certain amount of sense considering that he was running against some highly experienced political players like Biden and Richards. Both of them have much to bring to the table. However I don't see either of them as Veep. Biden lacks lacks energy and charisma. Richardson has those but is America really ready for an all minority presidential package? Sadly enough I don't think so. But both of them are ideal for cabinet positions. Ultimately Obama needs someone that can carry a state for him, debates well, is a little older, has more experience, and can get a crowd on its feet.

Got any suggestions?