Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pinups for Vets

Aspiring actress and model Gina Elise has been making period pinup photos of herself and donating the proceeds of her calender sales to California VA Hospitals.

From Pin Ups for Vets:

I came up with the idea to recreate a nostalgic pin-up calendar that would serve three purposes:

1. The calendars would be sold to raise funds for our hospitalized Veterans.

2. The calendars would be delivered as gifts to our ill and injured Veterans with messages of appreciation from the donors.

3. The calendars would be sent to our deployed troops to help boost morale and to let them know that Americans back home are thinking of them.

Long term readers of this blog might wonder why I occasionally blog about pin up calenders and the answer is simple. I'm a subscriber to the theory that less is more in this instance meaning that a photo of a naked female has no mystery. Additionally those that modeled for period pin up photos frequently had proportions that were much more representative of average females which by the standards of todays men's magazines would be unacceptable (Jessica Alba is a good example). Additionally they approached their subject matter in a lighthearted and often campy way which has a certain appeal to me. Plus pin ups are something of a largely forgotten and under appreciated pop-art form.

Anyhoo take some time to drop by and see check out her site. As for me I think I finally found the right calender to hang up in my workshop as per the tradition.

H/T to OTB