Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plug Your Blog and Fight Hunger

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The rising cost of gas has become a real burden on the working poor causing many to turn to food banks to make up the difference. The increased demand is causing food banks to go bankrupt. My local food bank here in San Antonio has asked my workplace to do a beans only food drive in order to be able to provide as much healthy food as possible.

So it occurred to me that since dried beans are cheap, I have a blog, and bloggers love to see their Technorati ranking go up that I might be able to help out a few more families by trying to harness the power of blogtopia.

So for the month of May I am hosting a blogger food drive.

Here is the deal:

1: You hit the paypal donation widget and contribute 1$
2: I take that money and buy beans and then donate them.
3: I link back to your blog or website in a weekly update post. (leave your site's name and address in the Paypal comments field or email me the details at
4: I create a blogroll consisting of all donors.
5: You get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped out a family in need and promoted your blog or site by doing so.

In the interest of fairness and accountability I will post a receipt every Saturday along with links to that weeks donors blogs or websites. That way you can compare the amount the widget says was donated to the total of all of all the receipts.

Once the food drive is over I'll take a picture of the barrel at work that I'm putting the beans in and you'll get too see exactly how much of a difference you helped make.

Also any blogger promoting this post on their blog will receive a link back.

Additionally anyone who either comments or emails me asking, "Why isn't my your link back to my blog showing up on Technorati?" should ask the folks at Technorati and will be ignored by me.

Finally I'm going open the ante with 20 pounds of beans. I donated five pounds last week, I have five pounds ready to donate tomorrow, this weekend I'll buy 10 more pounds (and post that receipt here.), I'll contribute another 5 pounds per week, and when the month ends I'll pony up enough cash to make sure that the number of pounds of food donated ends in a pretty round number in order to make up for the percentage that Paypal takes out.

Next month? The blogger GasX drive. Stay tuned for details.


We have our first donor One Fly from Outta the Cornfield graciously opted to kick start this campaign. And here's that receipt I promised...

I never did get around to waxing the car.

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