Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogger Food Drive Wrap Up *Updated*

The Blogger Food Drive has officially ended. I'm pleased to say that we did better than the pessimist in me predicted. While we didn't do as well as the optimist in me hoped. We did well enough that I'll do it again next year. We raised enough to provide seventy pounds of food and I'll cover the fees Paypal took out and throw in a liitle extra so that we get a nice round number. The final receipt will be posted this Friday however the blogroll of supporters is already on the sidebar.

Below are the promised receipts and photos. I actually bought all the one pound bags of beans in WalMart and had to buy the more expensive two pound bags at HEB in order to meet the required goal. I also threw in five extra pounds to make it an even eighty pounds.

Bean Drive
Yes, it was a lot of trouble to go through for a bad visual pun.