Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama Giving the GOP a Golden Opportunity?

Having given this election a lot of thought it occurs to me that Obama presents the GOP with golden opportunity. A chance to "rebrand" themselves. Additionally having read Obama's policies I can say that they are light on the specifics. Obama is essentially selling Americans a dream. If the GOP could pressure enough of its high profile members to tackle Obama respectfully on the issues rather than using the tactics that have worked in the past like fear mongering, exploiting racial polarization, attack ads, and whisper campaigns they might be able to beat him and in the process shed many of the negatives associated with the GOP, win back many independents, and become a party that is defined by what they are for rather than a part that is defined by what they are against.

However given the that maxim "If it ain't broken don't fix it." is part of the core of conservative thought I don't see the GOP doing anything differently anytime soon. The fact1 that the Clinton campaign used many of the same tactics in the primaries and lost I'm betting that Obama is counting on more of the same from the GOP and is expecting the same results in the general election.

Thanks to The Big Stick for linking to this post.

1: Changed the word "given" to "the fact" because I'm picky sometimes.