Monday, June 16, 2008

The Other Other Beginning of the End

The British launched the first satellite in the Skynet network.

With the launch of a new communications satellite, the British military has completed a highly advanced network that will allow robotic military units to be controlled at long range. Sound vaguely familiar? They actually named the thing Skynet. When the T-1000s come knocking, keep an eye out for the "Made in UK" sticker.

Skynet 5 is the latest iteration of a global communications system deployed by the British Armed Forces. The final satellite in the system was launched this week, and will allow high-bandwidth telecommunications between British forces located anywhere in the world. In addition to voice communications, it will allow data transfer and the remote control of robot airplanes, one of which is called "The Reaper."

How long before humanity is crushed under the metal heels of a robotic army? That depends on which happens first the network becoming sentient or some power hungry madman using it enslave mankind. The first scenario can easily be avoided by making Windows Vista its operating system. As for second scenario sometimes its just best to let sleeping dogs lie.

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