Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming Clean

In the interest of making my biases known I have to date donated equal amounts to...

The Obama primary campaign (Who I voted for in the Texas primaries.)

The McCain primary campaign

The Ron Paul primary campaign (although that was actually a reward for engaging inactive voters)

Finally the Bob Barr presidential campaign. I donate to the Libertarian presidential candidate every presidential election year. Mainly because they are the most viable third party in existence.

For the record I backed McCain and Obama because I belived that they were the most moderate candidates their parties offered. Additionally I thought that should they go head to head that the race would be as smear free as could be. While (mainly on McCain's part) that has proven to be a bit of a bust I take heart in the fact that the race hasn't been anywhere near as ugly as a Romney vs Clinton race would have been. For better or for worse we are seeing the best race the two parties can manage. However at the rate the race is going I am seriously looking at the possibility of voting for Barr rather than either of the two mainstream candidates.