Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You Get What You Pay For


ZoneLabs has just released Zone Alarm forcefield and its
free until 4pm tomorrow CST

From The Cheapskate:

"The software relies on a technique called "virtual browsing" to protect your PC against unauthorized downloads, malware installations, phishers, keyloggers, and the like. It also promises total privacy by erasing the (virtual) browser's cache, cookies, history, and passwords. According to Check Point, the program won't interfere with any existing security software you might already have."

Having used their free firewall off and on for years I really expected a better product. It slowed surfing down to a crawl on all of my browsers. Additionally its security warnings took at least a minute to disappear and I couldn't browse until they did. Finally it caused Firefox 3.01 to crash.
A truly disappointing product .