Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And They're Off!

I would like to personally take the time to thank the 87 out of 93.5% of registered voters in Texas that read my blog who took my advice and saved themselves for Kinky. Now that the Texas primaries are over here is the lay of the land:

The Dem's have a true underdog in the race for the US Senate its Barbara Ann Radnofsky vs Tom "What me, ethics?" Delay bedfellow Kay "I only vote the party line" Bailey Hutchinson. Radnofsky does have the small technicality of a runoff election vs perrenial losing candidate Gene Kelly. A man that has lost so many senate races that some suspect he's in the employ of the GOP. Frankly I think he's running as good of a race as a tree sloth can. But thats just me.

I'll be covering that race quite a bit as I would so loooove to see KBH out of that seat. Why? *sniffle* She talked mean to me! Ok actually it would be more accurate to say her aides send out really condescending form letters whenever you contact KBH by fax or email. So go Barbara Ann! They'll also both be facing Minuteman and Mensa member (Yes, you can be a member of both.) Arthur W. Loux as an independent candidate (provided he can get the 45,00 signatures needed to appear on the ballot)

Here's how the US House races are looking:

Primary races involving an Incumbent are in boldface followed by an asterisk (*)

  • in CD 1
    • Democrats have nominated Roger L. Owen
  • in CD 3
    • Republicans* have re-nominated Congressman Sam Johnson
  • in CD 7
    • Democrats have nominated Jim Henley
  • in CD 10
    • Democrats Ted Ankrum (38%) and Paul Foreman (35%) appear headed for a Runoff on Tuesday 11 April
  • in CD 14
    • Republicans* have re-nominated Congressman Ron Paul
  • in CD 15
    • Republicans have nominated Paul Haring
  • in CD 16
    • Democrats* have re-nominated Congressman Silvestre Reyes
  • in CD 17
    • Republicans have nominated Nicholas Vancampen "Van" Taylor
  • in CD 22
    • Republicans* have re-nominated Congressman Tom DeLay
  • in CD 28
    • Democrats* have nominated Congressman Henry R. Cuellar
  • in CD 30
    • Republicans Wilson Aurbach (45%) and Amir Omar (36%) appear headed for a Runoff on Tuesday 11 April

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