Friday, March 24, 2006

Women Wage Key Campaigns for Democrats

NARBERTH, Pa. — If the Democrats have their way, the 2006 Congressional elections will be the revenge of the mommy party.

Democratic women are running major campaigns in nearly half of the two dozen most competitive House races where their party hopes to pick up enough Republican seats to regain control of the House. Democratic strategists are betting that the voters' unrest and hunger for change — reflected consistently in public opinion polls — create the perfect conditions for their party's female candidates this year.

"In an environment where people are disgusted with politics in general, who represents clean and change?" asks Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Women."

I think this strategy falls under the category of "Its so crazy it just might work!"

Now before the boos and jeers start allow me to explain why its a smart idea. Nothing breaks up an old boys network like women of equal status. And the Republican Party readiily falls into that category.

Additionally given the times the same positions that could hurt a male candidate in a race against an incumbent Republican would be far more appealing when expressed by a female candidate. Why? Because women can't look wimpy.

IMO This is the only decent idea the DCCC has had this campaign season. However they have implemented it poorly. They have trampled on other Democratic candidates that had broad grassroots support and had previously lost to Republican incumbents by less than 5%. Instead they are shoving hand picked outside the district candidates down their constituents throats and have really pissed off a lot of people.

They screwed over what may have been their best hope in Ohio Paul Hackett and pulled his backing.

And there are other races where the DCCC has done similiar things to get its way. I may not be a political genius but pissing off your ground level supporters and making people fearful of becoming candidates for your party because you will bail on them as soon as you find someone shinier isn't the best way to retain party loyalty. In fact its a great way of creating a new party and royally screwing yourself over in the process.