Monday, May 08, 2006

Is the Time Finally Right for a Third Party?

Here's an interesting piece from

More Fun With Third Parties

A Rasmussen robo-poll recently showed that "a 3rd party Presidential candidate with a pro-enforcement immigration agenda would theoretically end up in a virtual tie with a generic Democrat" and trounce the generic Republican. Mystery Pollster speculated that Rasmussen's poll reflected more desire for the third party than desire for a pro-enforcement immigration policy. Now, showing responsiveness to Web commentary rare in a pollster, Rasmussen has tested MP's hypothesis by duplicating his third-party candidate poll--except this time the candidate's agenda is "government-backed universal health care."

The result: The "health care" third party tied for first with the generic Republican, with the generic Democrat trailing by 4 percentage points. Says Rasmussen:The 28% support for the third party candidate is very similar to the 30% total received in the previous survey by the pro-immigration candidate. But, while the immigration candidate drew equally from both parties, the Universal Health Care candidate cost the Democratic candidate 18 percentage points while the Republican lost just six. [Emphasis addedby Slate]


This follows on the heels of recent articles in New York Magazine and the New York Times (Hat Tip to Donkelphant) suggesting the same thing however the Slate article actually brings us the numbers to prove their point. Looks like the issues have aligned for a third party to actually have a real shot of going all the way. Now all this yet to be formed party needs is another Ross Perot to bankroll it. Any volunteers?