Friday, May 19, 2006

Poll: 26% of Americans are Kooks

Poll: 26% suspect they've been wiretapped
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One in four Americans think it is likely that the government has listened to their phone calls, according to a CNN poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation.

The poll results appeared on the day that Gen. Michael Hayden faced intense questions from senators over domestic spying.

The CNN poll found 26 percent of respondents thought it was likely their own communications had been tapped, while 63 percent thought it probable that the government had eavesdropped without a court order on citizens not suspected of terrorist links.

Exactly half of those surveyed said the Bush administration was wrong to spy on those calls without a court order, with 44 percent saying the White House was right.


And in other news Alcoa's stock soared up 52% from yesterday as the makers of Reynolds Wrap announced the release of their new Reynolds Hat....


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