Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The New Plan for Iran - Bribery

With the US proposed resolution on the possible sanctioning of Iran being naysayed by Russia and China the EU has come up with a new plan which is this:

Bribe Iran

Europeans Work on New Anti-Nuclear Deal for Iran

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 10, 2006; Page A01

UNITED NATIONS, May 9 -- Britain, France and Germany said Tuesday that they are preparing a package of fresh incentives for Iran -- including affordable energy and greater trade with the West -- that would be granted if Tehran resumed negotiations on its nuclear program and agreed to halt the enrichment of nuclear fuel.

The initiative announced Tuesday -- and the fact that it was backed by the United States -- reflected the Bush administration's inability to persuade Security Council members Russia and China to back a United Nations resolution that takes a tougher line with Iran, including an implicit threat of sanctions.


French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy told French reporters Monday night that it would offer an "ambitious package" of incentives, which would expand commercial ties to Iran, ensure Iran's energy needs were met and preserve Iran's right to develop nuclear energy. In exchange, Iran would be required to provide verifiable assurances that its energy program is not a cover for building atomic bombs.

Germany's U.N. ambassador, Gunter Pleuger, said Tuesday that the decision to offer new incentives reflects a recognition by the United States and European nations that "we use both the Security Council and the negotiating table, because if we draw everything into the council, we will not achieve anything."

I am personally of the opinion that Iran is and always has been holding out for the best combination of freebies possible. The question is how much will be enough? And will such incentives be enough to jumpstart Iran's sagging economy and bring Iran's President enough goodwill amongst the people to even stand a chance of reelection? Let's hope not.