Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Govenator Endorses McCain

That puts McCain up on Huckabee by one in the action movie hero primaries.

From Bloomberg News:

Schwarzenegger Calls McCain a `Hero' in Endorsement

By Hans Nichols

Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed John McCain's bid for the Republican presidential nomination five days before the state's delegate- rich primary, calling him an ``American hero'' who is unafraid to work on bipartisan solutions.

``I am endorsing Senator McCain to be the next president of the United States, because I am interested in a great future'' for the country, Schwarzenegger said after the two men toured a solar roofing manufacturer in Los Angeles. McCain has shown ``over and over again'' that he will reach ``across the aisle in order to get things done,'' the governor said.

The endorsement is a reversal of a vow made by the governor earlier this month to stay neutral in the race.

Unfortunately for Huckabee, Ahnold actually holds apublic office and that means theat Huckabee will have to earn the backing of Bruce Willis and Steven Seagal to stay competitive. That is unless McCain also wins the endorsement Jean-Claude Van Damme which would offset his Rambo endorsement.

More on the action movie hero primaries as it develops.