Monday, January 21, 2008

Sayonara Central Sanity

One of the blogs I occassionally contribute Central Sanity is closing its doors. I had this to say by way of a farewell post.

I was a reader here long before I ever started posting. I really came to appreciate how the authors on this blog were able to cut to the chase and say in a few paragraphs what it took other bloggers an essay to say. Hence when I was asked to contribute here I jumped at the chance. Central Sanity, I think, became a blogger's blog. So while it never had the readership of The Moderate Voice it became a place that many bloggers visited to test the metal of their opinions. So while some of the authors here have stopped contributing due to real life a number of authors here have moved on to bigger and more influential blogs in the centrosphere.

So ultimately what made Central Sanity great also in part lead to the circumstances that are causing it close. Central Sanity has effectively acted as a springboard to many of its contributors....
So while on one hand I'm sorry to see a good blog go. I'm glad to see the authors of it sharing their points of view with a larger audience. In the end Central Sanity may ultimately end up "Supporting the rebellion of reasonable people in an unreasonable world." just not in the way it intended.