Thursday, January 31, 2008

Texas Governor Rick Perry to Endorse McCain

First California's governor now Texas'...

From the Dallas Morning News:

LOS ANGELES – Texas Gov. Rick Perry will endorse John McCain for president, saying he is the best candidate in the GOP field to fight the war on terror.

The Texas governor's first choice, Rudy Giuliani, dropped out of the presidential sweepstakes and on Wednesday endorsed Mr. McCain.

"For the governor, it came down to a very simple calculation: The single dominant issue is the war on terror," said Perry spokesman Robert Black. "And he believes, looking at the field, the single best individual to be commander in chief and not flinch in this war is John McCain."

The endorsement from the red-state governor comes just days before the Super Tuesday primary in which 21 states will weigh in. Mr. Perry will formally make his endorsement Thursday afternoon in Austin.

Getting endorsements from the governors from the two most populous states in the nation back to McCain lost a lot of points in border states by appearing weak on illegal immigration. However previous Texas polls put McCain ahead of Romney by a two to one margin with Huckabee actually being in the lead. With Giuliani dropping out and endorsing McCain in theory that should put McCain in position to rake in a ton of delegates come March fourth.