Saturday, April 22, 2006

Money/Gas Saving Tips

Since gas prices are going up fast here's a little help for everyone tracks prices all over america on a station by station basis. They have websites for most major cities
(insert city name) so for me its

Also make sure your tires are properly inflated normally thats 35 on the little meter thingy for most cars and light trucks. Underinflated tires can cost ya 2 mpg.

Remove any dead bodies from your trunk, move that dashboard altar inside, and limit yourself to 1 gun and 2 clips per car. 100 pnds = 1 mpg

Time for that tune up and/or oil change that you've been putting off = up to 5 mpg (if you're bad about maintenance, request platinum plugs, they last for 3 years)

Other maintenace Air Filter (you CAN do this yourself in 5 minutes), PVC valve (costs 5$ and is as easy to change as an air filter), Fuel filter (these suckers vary wildly in price and ease of installation ask your mechanic about it when you get your tune up)

And ya may wanna run a gas treatment through your car next fill up.

Sam's Club and Costco have the cheapest gas in town if you already have a membership. But don't go buying a 35 to 50$ membership just to save a nickel per gallon on gas. However if you start buying you're gas, potty paper, trash bags, water filters, pet food, laundry detergent and vaseline there you'll save money in the long run. (Note: Costco is usually cheaper than Sam's. as Costco caps its profit margin at 20% Sam's doesn't AND Costco's often have liquor stores in them.)

More tips are available here.