Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tony Blair under investigation for allegedly selling parliment seats

From the Washington Post:

Blair has been badly hurt by recent disclosures that several wealthy businessmen who privately lent money to his campaign were then recommended for seats in the House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament.

The appearance that seats in the House of Lords were up for sale -- an allegation Blair has denied -- has caused critics to call his government as sleazy as the Conservative government of former prime minister John Major, which Blair ousted in 1997.


Wow, he could teach Abramhoff a thing or two if this proves true. I wonder if W gave him a lesson in Cronyism 101 in while they were staying in Crawford.

Odds are between this, the war, and a few other minor rows Blair is going to lose his position. Which is kind of a pity as he's been as he's been our staunchest ally and a lot more moderate than W particularly when it comes to carbon emmissions. Apparently the USA isn't the only G8 country that needs some serious campaign finance reform.