Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Six US Generals Say Oops.

The article below is from a WaPo editorial and it raises a really valid point:

PRESIDENT BUSH'S stubborn support for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has compounded U.S. troubles in Iraq, prevented a remedy for the criminal mistreatment of foreign detainees and worsened relations with a host of allies. Now it is deepening the domestic political hole in which the president is mired. Half a dozen senior retired generals have publicly criticized Mr. Rumsfeld, touching off another damaging and distracting controversy at a critical moment in the war. Thanks in part to his previous misjudgments, Mr. Bush has no easy way out.


The long and short of it comes to this. Rumsfeld can't resign without giving the impression he caved to their pressure and a appearing weak and W can't can Rumsfeld for the same reason.
Not that Rumsfeld would resign and if W had a choice between appearing weak and kissing Ted Kennedy on the lips on camera I think he'd pucker up (and brush his teeth with a brillo pad afterwards).