Saturday, November 03, 2007

Catch the Repptide

I like to take the time every now and then to plug new blogging related sites that I think are of note. I recently discovered which bills itself as an organic review and opinion site:

It's probably best described as an organic review and opinion site. I call it organic because it takes a different route from the other review sites: if you've ever been to a restaurant that you liked, only to suddenly have an experience that completely changed your opinion, then you're in luck. repptide captures that shift in public opinion by tracking live opinions, from positive to negative, and vice versa. It's not static like the other review sites...
Whats different about Repptide from other sites I've plugged is that it allows you to submit articles or blog posts and then other people rate your submissions. Now if you happen to submit one of your own blog posts then Repptide users may drop by and read your post and then rate it which means you get more traffic. So please take some time to drop by and try it out for yourself.