Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul's Money Bomb Explodes into Action

Looks like Paul has broken the record for the most money raised in a day this campaign season...

From The Politico

Ron Paul's 'money bomb'

Proving again his ability to raise significant cash online, Ron Paul has raised nearly $2 million since midnight via his website.

In what is being called a "money bomb," Paul's fervent backers spread the word that today they'd blast their candidate with Internet contributions, setting up a website, "This November 5th," to push the plan. An aide said they had nothing to do with the effort.

"Supporters have spontaneously organized what I can only refer to as a one-day attack of donations," said Paul spokeswoman Kate Rick. "We started at midnight with $2.77 million raised for the quarter, and have, as of 9:36 am, climbed up to over $4.1."

As of 12:27, Paul had raised $4.73 million total....
Right now as of 8:10 CST he's raised a total of 6.69 million dollars 3.93 million dollars today. and roughly four hours left. Odds are he'll at least crack 7 million total dollars by raised midnight. Amazing what people will do for you when you inspire them isn't it?

He cracked 7 million around 10:30pm CST