Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Little Perspective

I keep seeing a little ticker on blogs that counts the number of US Servicemen killed in Iraq and I recall thinking about a year ago, "We lost more than that on D Day." Now I've studied enough history to know that troop losses in Iraq are in fact tiny compared to most of the other wars we fought. In fact the current losses in American troops don't equal the losses of certain single battles fought in previous wars. Below are a few examples:

Battle of Shiloh 1754 Union Soldiers killed 1728 Confederate soldiers killed

Battle of Gettysburg 3,155 killed Union Soldiers Killed 4,708 Confederate Soldiers killed

Civil War 110,000 Union Soldiers killed 93,000 Confederate troops killed

World War I 5,525,000 Allied troops killed

Battle of the Bulge 19,276 American Soldiers dead

Battle of Normandy Beach 1,465 American troops dead

WWII 407,300 American soldiers killed

Korean War 36,516 Americans troops killed

Tet Offensive 6,328 Allied Troops Killed

Viet Nam 58,209 American soldiers killed (200,000+ veterans still homeless 30 years later)

Iraq War to Date 3,865 American troops killed

Just food for thought.