Thursday, November 01, 2007

GOP Supporters to Break With Party Over Giuliani?

If they have a more conservative third party candidate to vote for they may.

From the Pew Research Center:

The GOP nomination race among Republican evangelicals, in particular, appears to be wide open: Giuliani, McCain and Thompson each draw about 20% of the vote among white Republican and Republican-leaning evangelical voters, with Huckabee and Romney getting about 10% each.

In addition, a solid majority of Republican white evangelicals (55%) say they would at least consider voting for a conservative third-party candidate if the general election is between Giuliani and Clinton. Overall, 44% of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters say they would consider backing a third-party candidate who holds more conservative positions than Giuliani on social issues like abortion and gay marriage.
Good news for The Constitution Party bad news for Giuliani and the GOP. However I have to wonder about the "Hillary effect" coming into play. By that I mean will having a common enemy cause GOP supporters to rally around the Republican candidate just to keep Clinton out of power? I think Giuliani is counting on it.