Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Something New - My First Contest

I've been approached by a publishing company who asked me to assist in promoting one of their books "Winning Without Compromising Yourself"in return I get to post an article by one of their authors andf they'll drop by a couple of times tomorrow to field questions in the comments section AND one lucky reader will win a copy of the book with the first and second runners up winning Dyre Portents T-Shirt or a Dyre Portents coffee mug. (Didn't know they existed? Me either.) additionally everyone who enters receives a free link to their blog or website.

Rules for winning the book, shirt, mug, and linkage:

1: To enter contestants must post a link to tomorrow's featured post on their blog, website, LJ, myspace page etc then post a link to it in the comments thread of the featured post within 48 hours of my posting it.

2: On Friday November 30th all URLs will be placed into a hat and the three winners will be drawn and posted on this blog along with the URLs of all those that didn't win (aka Honorable Mentions).

3: The three winners must then email me and shipping arrangements will be made. Please note that winners of the hat and mug must reside in North America in order to win. The Juncture Company will be handling the shipping of the book so residents outside of North America are eligible.

4: In the event that any of the winners fail to email me within 48 hours a second chance drawing will be held using the list of honorable mentions

5: Sites that promote illegal or pornographic content are ineligible URLs for the purpose of entering the contest.

6: Please direct any and all complaints to complaints@talktothehand.com