Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blog Traffic Tips

Over the past year and half I've listed myself on hundreds of blog and feed directories and have discovered that I wasted a lot of time doing so. Below is a short list of sites/services that actually do generate daily traffic.

1: Blogrush (referral link) a relatively new service that exchanges post titles between your blog and other blogs in your category. For every person that views your blog you get one recent post title displayed on someone's blog. They are also really generous with free credits and have a referral program. (You can preview it on the right hand sidebar) Just make sure to filter out profanity if you don't curse on your blog.

2: Memeorandum the trick to getting listed on Memeorandum is to link to them often or install their widget on your blog. Then link specifically to the articles it lists. It almost seems to be traffic activated so check it by clicking the links on your own blog.

3: Daylife if you blog about current events, do not hesitate to submit your feed to them.

4: Google Adwords The link leads to a 50$ ad credit (5$ setup fee though) I'm targeting and a few blogs that I like that use adsense.

5: Blogburst Syndicates your blog on various newspapers. The first time a post appears on is a pretty cool feeling.

6: Feedburner: Make sure that you've set it up to ping all the major aggregators particularly if you blog about daily news of some sort.

7: The following directories don't generate daily traffic save when added together,,, and

There you go, no SEO optimization crap, no traffic exchanges, no BS. Of course the two best ways to increase your readers is to make good quality comments on other peoples blogs and lots of them and trade links with other bloggers (like me).