Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clinton Whipped in Wisconsin

Looks like the exit polls were on the money this time. Obama cleaned Clinton's clock by 17% in the Wisconsin primaries. Meanwhile the results of the Hawaii caucuses are still ongoing. If Obama wins those as well he'll have won ten states in a row giving him a huge amount of momentum going into March 4th. Given the fact that Obama is currently unbeaten in caucus states I think that a highly likely scenario. I've already predicted that the winner of Wisconsin will also win Texas. Mind you I still think its going to be a close race.

Meanwhile in Ohio Clinton is currently polling 14% higher than Obama. I expect that tonight's two wins will cut that lead by half. If I were placing a wager I'd bet on Clinton to win Ohio. I am of course basing that on absolutely nothing. However I've been right on every individual state I've called for Obama but VA (which I called for Clinton).

There are some that believe that Clinton will be asked to withdraw from the race by the DNC if Obama wins Texas. I don't think that will happen unless she loses Pennsylvania. But that is pure conjecture on my part. One thing is for certain if Clinton withdraws she will have proven that she is a highly viable candidate for 2012 or 2016. She'll have one major plus then. She won't have the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton political dynasty meme working against her. And that may be all she needs to win then.