Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Early Super Tuesday Results

Right now it looks like McCain is on top largely due to Huckabee drawing off the conservative Christian vote. Meanwhile Obama and Clinton are neck and neck. It looks like its all going to come down to California. At this point Romney has to win California just to stay in the game. However early exit polls make that appear unlikely. CA looks like a tight race on the Dem side and with the counting not yet started the race may not be decided until the wee hours of the morning.

Now reporting only those races that according to CNN have 80% of their precincts reporting here's how it looks so far:


Clinton wins in NJ (53%), MA (56%), NY (57%), TN (59%), MO (68%), OK (55%)

Obama won in CT (51%), KS (73%), ND (61%), AL (56%), DE (53%), GA(63%)


Huckabee AL (41%), AR (61%), TN (34%), GA (35%), WV (52%),

McCain OK (37%), NY (51%), DE (45%), NJ(56%), CT (52%), IL (48%)

Romney ND(36%), MT (38%), MA (51%)

Frankly I'm hoping for Obama and McCain to come out on top. Why? Because if both get the nod from the party bosses the crippling partisanship of the past two decades will end. We need to get beyond squabbling and move toward working together for the common good.